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Modern outdoor lighting systems have to Energy efficient than their older counterparts. lighting specifications make sure that the high-quality light fixtures decrease energy, enhance safety and illuminate spaces.

LED Area lights design brightens large spaces, tennis court,Basketball court,Riding center,car dealerships and parking lots. They can produce powerful and uniform light for up to 100,000 hours.

LED lights have been used in many applications, replacing old inefficient lighting systems. This is because of  their energy-efficiency, long life expectancy, and cost-effectiveness.

LED pole lights have high lumens output and can be used for outdoor lighting. These lights are usually mounted on round or square poles. Mounts include slip fitter mounts, trunnion mounts, wall mounts and straight arm mounts. It can provide a variety of installation methods to meet actual needs.

LED area lights are more efficient than HID area lights. They have the ability to illuminate spaces even in rainy or humid weather conditions. and high-quality LED area lights are K1 certified and can withstand external impact.

What You Need to Know When Replacing an HID Area Light

When it comes to lighting, what determines how much money you will save is the efficiency of the lights.Because metal halide bulbs are omni-directional, the bulb gives off light you never end up seeing because it is trapped bouncing around the inside of the area light fixture. On the packaging, this lost lumen is still included in the initial lumen rating. The LED is naturally directional, so there is no light in the fixture. This means that LED area lighting is more efficient than HID lights.

The Installation Process

Incorrect installation of the fixture can cause the lighting system to malfunction. To avoid this,Most LED lights are designed to be easy to install,and it can provide a variety of installation methods to meet actual needs.

The Lifespan of the LEDs

LED area lighting virtually eliminates routine maintenance of older lighting systems, staying bright for up to 100,000 hours. Even running 12 hours a day, that's over 22 years of light for college campuses, tennis court, residential parks, hospital grounds, commercial parking lots, car dealerships, and other applications. LED area lights maintain their color temperature for years, giving you longer lasting and higher quality light.

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