LED Canopy Lights

Canopy lighting is commercial outdoor lighting that is pendant, recessed or surface mounted to a structure's ceiling or canopies.

LED canopy fixture provides 120 lumens per watt at 5000K Daylight White,At the rated watts, LED bulbs have higher lumens than HID, and have lens, so that  providing a brighter and more consistent light. 

Canopy lights are used in a myriad of applications. These include walkways, gas stations, garage,parking lot,storage areas, and loading docks.

LED Canopy Lights for gas station

Traditional gas stations use low efficiency metal halides to consume a lot of Electricity, Since that they are omnidirectional and that part of the light emitted by this bulbs is something we will never see it, But on the package, this light lost to "Lumen bounce" is still included in the initial Lumen rating.

LEDs replace old lighting system with a higher quality, more efficient light source. They are available with dimmable to take advantage of ambient lighting.

They provide a bright, safe and welcoming experience for customers. LED canopy lights have resistant housings and lenses to withstand demanding conditions of an outdoor environment.

Choose a better LED canopy lights offers square canopy light fixtures. The square LED canopy light fixtures have two spec,We have spec that replace 400W and 600W Metal Halide.

Our fixtures are up to 6-year warranty,Even if it runs 12 hours a day, it is more than 13 year, providing you bright, maintenance free lighting for years.This means you can energy savings and maintenance savings - up to 80%.

One of the sign you need to pay attention to is CRI (color rendering index). This is a measurement of the quality of light that the fixture is producing. It is a scale between 0 and 100. Sunlight is 100. 

LED lights will offer a color rendering index of above 80, they display colors just be close to the sunlight. This feature, coupled with LED's high color temperatures, make them very capable of illuminating your space at night.

Our canopy lights are available with dimmable that control light to take advantage of ambient lighting.It can save more energy. 

And because they are instant on / instant off, So if there is a blip in your power supply, they will be instantly lit up when the power comes back on.

Are your ready retrofit your existing fixtures over to LED? It may be an option. Using our rebates, you can buy the new one with a lower price. Payback can be relatively short with LED Canopy Lights.

What are IP, DLC, and ETL ratings?

ETL and DLC Premium verified for security and rebate eligibility. ETL Certified products ensure better quality, security and reliability.

DLC is the Design Lights Consortium for independent verification. They have certified the light at 120 Lumens per watt.

The IP rating shows how well the canopy light's enclosure is sealed against objects and moisture. It's composed of two numbers. 

The first indicates the level of protection against intrusion and the second against water entry. The universal IP rating is IP65, meaning it is dust tight and can withstand water jets from any angle. 

When choosing the right lamps for your project, you need to know,Where will the light fixtures be installed?What do you need to light upNot sure if a canopy light is the right fit for your project? Please call our toll-free number+8618026913668.




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