LED Parking Lot Lights (11)


Benefits Of Led Parking Lot Lights | Led Pole Lights

This LED Parking Lot Lights fixture provides 140 lumens per watt at 5000K Daylight White. That is a staggering LED Efficiency !This means higher lumen can be obtained with new LED pole lighting fixtures than HID lighting fixtures.

In addition, LED parking lot lighting virtually eliminates the routine maintenance tasks that are performed with certain light fixture and can maintain brightness for up to 60,000 hours. Even if it runs 12 hours a day, it is more than 13 year of light for university campuses, shopping malls, residential parks, hospital grounds, commercial parking lots, car shop,court and other application.

If you needed that parking lot lights retrofit,but don't have the budget for all new parking lot lights, retrofit kits include all of the assembly hardware required to convert existing shoebox fixtures.

LEDs have a higher color rendering index than HID luminaires, which not only gives customer more super bright white light, but also makes items look better and more accurate. (Perfect for car dealers!) With the help of advanced LEDs technology, wonderful white light will not fade or change hue over time.

The Replacement Hid By LED

You need to know that metal halide bulbs are omnidirectional and that part of the light emitted by this HID bulbs is something we will never see because it is inside the area lighting, but the initial lumens marked on the packages still contains This part of the lost lumens.

The LED lights are directional, which means that LED pole lighting is more energy efficient than older systems. For each business owner, using LED commercial lighting can reduce even more expenses.

Turn Your Area Light Into A Parking Lot Light With Slipfitter Mount Brackets

LED parking lot lights come with a slip fitter bracket. Slip fitter mounting give you more flexibility by controlling the installation and light distribution by providing a larger angle range,more accurate than the fixed bracket. 

Other available mount accessories for parking lot lights include mounting arms, safety cables, brackets and bracket covers. 

You can also connect LED parking lot light to photocell to achieve dusk to dawn lighting, saving you even more.


UL Listed and DLC Premium verified for security and rebate eligibility. UL Certified products ensure better quality, security and reliability.DLC is the Design Lights Consortium for independent verification. 

They have certified the light at 140 Lumens per watt.It has superior sealing performance and can work in environment with high temperature of 50 ℃ and low temperature of -40 ℃.


Choose The Best Street Pole Lighting Fixtures

When LED area lighting is used in wide sidewalks and parking lots, we should install the luminaires as high as possible to cover a wider area, and when used in roadway and narrow street, we need to install the luminaires as low as possible to avoid Destroy the surrounding environment.

If you plan to replace old lighting equipment, please contact us, supply customers with variety specifications of LED parking lights and promise 6 year warranty,

For assistance understanding how many Lumens you need or which light distribution to use for your space, give our lighting experts a call at +1(304)805-6454.

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