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The Intangible Benefits when you Convert to LED Parking Lot Lights

This LED Parking Lot Lights fixture provides 140 lumens per watt at 5000 kelvin Daylight White. That is a staggering LED Efficiency !This means higher lumen can be obtained with commercial grade led parking lot lights than conventional HID lighting fixtures. 

In addition, LED parking lot floodlights can maintain brightness for up to 54,000 hours. And it eliminates the routine maintenance work of the conventional area lights. Even if it runs twelve hours a day, it is more than 13 years of light for University campuses, shopping malls, city public parks, hospital grounds, commercial parking lot, Car dealership, court, and other similar applications.

If you need to refurbish parking lot lights, but the budget is not enough to replace all the new ones, retrofit kits include all of the assembly hardware necessary to change existing shoebox fixtures.

Compared with HID lighting, LED has a higher CRI, which not only provides customers with super bright white light but also makes items look better and more accurate. (Perfect for a car dealership!) The wonderful white light will not darken or change color tune over time.

The Replacement Hid By LED

You need to know that metal halide (MH) bulbs are omnidirectional and that part of the light emitted by this HID bulbs is something we will never see because it is inside the area lights fixture, but the original lumens marked on the packages still include this part of the lost lumens.

The LEDs Direction of light is directional, which means that is more energy-efficient than older systems.For each business owner, using commercial grade led parking lot lights can reduce even more cost.

Turn Your Pole Light Into LED Parking Lot Light With Slipfitter Mount Brackets

Outdoor pole mounted led flood lights to come with a slip fitter bracket. The Slipfitter mounting controls the installation and light distribution by providing a larger angular range (more precise than the fixed bracket), thereby providing you with greater flexibility.

Other available mount accessories for parking lot lights include mounting arms, safety cables, photocells, and wall mounted bracket.

You can also use LED parking lot light with a photocell to achieve dusk to dawn lighting, saving expense even more.


UL Listed and DLC Premium verified for security and rebates qualifications. UL Certified product ensures better quality, security, and reliability.DLC is the Design Lights Consortium for independent verification. 

They have certified the light at 140 Lumens per watt.It has superior sealing performance and can work in environment with high temperature of 50 ℃ and low temperature of -40 ℃.

Choose The Best Street Pole Fixture & Wall Mounted Led Parking Lot Lights

When LED area lighting is used in wide outdoor speak, The parking lot light pole height should be as high as possible to cover a wider area, and when used in roadway and narrow street, we need to install the luminaires as low as possible to avoid damaging the surrounding environment. In addition, wall-mounted parking lot lights can be applied to the outdoor lighting area of your commercial buildings.

Get an Area Lighting Plan -- For Free

If you plan to upgrade your venue to an LED flood light parking lots, please contact us, For assistance understanding how many Lumens you need or which light distribution to use for your space, we can give a lighting plan, under parking lot lighting taking the risk out of the purchase. We can readily run different options with our floodlights and offer you with the right information and guide.  

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