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LED High Bay Light, 200W UFO Hi-Bay Lighting for Garage Gym Workshop Warehouse

LED High Bay Light, 200W UFO Hi-Bay Lighting for Garage Gym Workshop Warehouse Item NO: B0793M2WQG

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  • DIMMING CORD INCLUDED: dimming cord to connect with 0-10V dimmer and adjust the brightness of the light.
  • ENERGY SAVING: Adiding Led high bay lights significantly save 80% electricity, while provides 26,000 lumens equivalent to 4* 200W halogen lamps/sodium lamps.
  • WIDELY USED: Preinstalled hook and light's hoop allow for a easy and fast installation. Adiding 200W LED high bay is designed for factory, warehouse, workshop, garage, backyard, supermarket, exhibition hall, stadium.
  • Lifetime rating of 50,000 hours with 5-year warranty.

Product Name LED High Bay Light, 200W UFO Hi-Bay Lighting for Garage Gym Workshop Warehouse
Item NO B0793M2WQG
Weight 4.9800 kg = 10.9790 lb = 175.6643 oz
Category LED Indoor Lighting > LED High Bay Light
Tag LED High Bay Light , 200W , Hi-Bay Lighting , shop lights
Brand adiding
Creation time 2019-08-09



Anita Jumper

Great light way brighter than expected.


Steven Belmont

Supper bright, easy to install works great out in the shop. The light makes it easy to see alittle more in the dark corner



Very bright and works great in a shop! You’ll feel like tube lights are extremely dark compared to this high powered light!



This light was easy to install using all included mounting hardware. I didn't hook up the dimmer function because of the location I installed it. Gives off plenty of light in my shed. I installed the U shaped bracket first, wired it up and then installed the light in the bracket. The bracket gives you the ability to aim the light however you need for your application. These lights are a great value if you're looking at high bay lighting!



I was impressed at the brightness of this light when I turned it on. I have worked with stage lighting in the past so I had an idea of how bright I thought it would be. I was pleasantly surprised at the output level of this light.

Typically with large bright LED lights you get a large amount of heat when they are on. I left the light on for about 10 minutes and checked the light for hot spots. The hottest spot I could find was 130 degrees.

The body of the light is metal and has heat fins all around it. I’m sure this helps keep the light cool during operation. Although it adds a little weight to the light it feels very solid and well made. The included bracket allows for different mounting angles. They do no include Allen wrenches but I used some hex heads instead. Small screws took a T25 and larger heads took a T40. There are also multiple holes to allow you lots of adjustments when mounting.

I only had two minor issues when installing this light, first the included power cable is only about 12 inches long so you will need to extend it if your power source is not close to where you mount it. Second I had the name plate covering up one of my mounting holes. It wasn’t a huge deal as I was able to rotate the light.

Overall I was very impressed with the light output and quality of this light.



I just bought this light for garage. This brightness of this light is way more better than of my expectations. In my garage-each and every single inch is now having lights. The light is very flexible and rotatable. I’m so happy with this purchase. This light is worth of each pennies. Highly recommended.



The 200w version of this light is extremely bright, I'd say it's almost too bright for any ceiling under 10 feet tall. but you certainly could use it in any space including large warehouse areas, even replacing traditional fixtures. The light needs to be hardwired in but it's all ready to go and wiring just takes a minute if you are replacing an existing fixture. For my shop I just connected it to my other lighting and it turns on with a switch. There is a dimming option that has its own wiring. I haven't hooked the dimming up yet but it uses 1-10V PWM or resistance dimming methods.

There are a couple mounting methods included, a hook or the adjustable bracket if you want to mount the light to an angled surface. Hook mounting is the easiest for a high bay, and can be easily removed if needed. All the mounting hardware is high quality metal and comes with stainless bolts to hold the light in place if you use the U bracket.

Since there are almost 300 LEDs, there is some warmth that comes from the light, but the heat sinks remain relatively cool for how much light is produced. Much cooler than a traditional overhead light and consumes far less power. The light color is a very white 5000k, not blue and not yellowish. I do have a couple of this type of light and this one is by far the brightest. The difference over the 100w lights is significant and very noticeable. The light spread is pretty good, especially when mounted higher up. I've had this light on for about a week straight and it's not getting too hot and has been working great. I am not sure if they are designed to be turned on all the time but you probably could if needed. I'm very happy with this light, it lights my shop space up very nicely and is by far the best of the UFO lights I've used.



Wow - what a great light! We needed something new for our garage, as our previous light was old, dim, and took a long time to start up. I was expecting some similar features from that light to this, but I am pleasantly surprised that this light is everything we were hoping for and more!

It was very easy to install, especially after following the clear directions. That was wonderful, as I hate doing DIY projects when they are hard and time-consuming.

I couldn't believe how bright the light shone when on - wow! What a game changer. We can see so much better, and it is so much less depressing.

There is no start-up time - the light turns on immediately in all of its grandeur. It is also silent, which is surprising for such a large light. No obnoxious humming, which drives me nuts.

Overall, I am very pleased with this light and will definitely consider buying another!


Angry Rooster

I got this light with the intention to remove my fluorescent light and replace it with this overhead LED light in my home garage. I am going to need to convert the receptacle to support the install. My home lighting voltage output isn't sufficient. On the flip side, I do find the manufacturing of this light to be of high quality, more than sturdy, and a good long 5 year warranty. This is more than a lighting fixture...it's a heavy duty appliance for use in commercial settings, not a home. The light comes prewired with no electrical plug. It will need to be hard wired into your current wiring receptacle. The lighting out of the box is about 11 wide, and will hang about 8 inches deep with the rotating bracket. The light will not be flush to the ceiling. Comes with simple to understand install instructions, so if you are familiar with wiring it should be a simple install. I give this product 5 stars because I erred in not reading the full description of the type of lighting this was.


Chris J. Bartel

This really helped the kitchen area out once Installed it works great to blind everyone in a small kitchen.


J. M. Craven

Seems like a good quality light! I really like it. Works well for when I'm doing repairs on my car or the quads. Good and bright light to help see things after it gets dark outside.



Very compact and bright light. The light was easy to hook up but it would be nice if the description said it has to be hard wired and there wasn't a plug.


Аmazon Customer 

Lights are very bright, replaced 800 watt HPS with these 200 watt led and the LED is much brighter than old one.



I got this bulb as a gift from my friend. These lights are amazing. 3 of these light a 40x60 pole barn so that it is easy to work in even at night.It is very easy to install.


M. Navarro

I installed 6 of these 200w lights in my 40’ x 60’ shop. The lights are evenly spaced and hung 18’ from the floor. I installed these using a couple of the Lutron Powpak modules (RMJS-8T-DV-B) and control the lights using the Pico wireless remote control.



Bought a few for our shop. Nice and bright.



These lights are AMAZING! They come very well packaged, easy instructions and are much easier to handle than my old Metal Halide Hi Bay lights. Ultra bright and they are SILENT! No more humming or slow start up time. The 5k color feels very good on the eyes. I have ordered 3 now and have been extremely happy with them. 2 more and my shop will be full LED. I highly recommend these lights!


Brent Stone

Bright and affordable.



I’ve been buying these Adiding LED lights one at a time to replace old lights at my car wash. I’ve got one wash bay that has 22’ ceilings for 18 wheelers. So I opted for the 200w lights there and the 150w in the other bays. The first 200w I purchased back in December 2017 was larger and much brighter than the 150w lights. This 200w light is a spitting image of the 150w light and also the same brightness.


Nicholas Gore

Wow, awesome light and super easy installation. One down, fifteen more to go!