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Adiding LED High Bay Lights,250Watt,with 6.56' Power Cord,1000 Watt Metal Halide Equal - SHARK Series

Adiding LED High Bay Lights,250Watt,with 6.56' Power Cord,1000 Watt Metal Halide Equal - SHARK Series Item NO.: B0952MQNZH

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Product Name Adiding LED High Bay Lights,250Watt,with 6.56' Power Cord,1000 Watt Metal Halide Equal - SHARK Series
Item NO. B0952MQNZH
Weight 3.6 kg = 7.9366 lb = 126.9863 oz
Category Indoor Lighting > LED High Bay Lights > SHARK Series
Brand adiding
Creation Time 2021-06-10

Adiding high bay LED lighting solutions for industrial and commercial applications to hang tough in the most demanding conditions where durability, efficiency, and optimal visibility are essential to effective operations.

Produced under strict quality control, this High Bay light is certificated by DLC, UL, and ETL, and with a 5-year service. Our assortment of high-quality, low-maintenance luminaires rises to the occasion with easy installation for high elevation ceilings.

100% aluminum design makes Adiding’s high bay led lighting the most Cost-effectiveness option on the market. Construction consists of weatherproof aluminum alloy housing with an integral LED-cooling heat sink. It's equipped with a constant-current driver and operates on 100-277 VAC. A safety cable is included for wiring. With minimal power consumption, it emits a wide beam of bright, glare-free illumination through a shatterproof glass lens. Best quality materials and craftsmanship.
This 250-watt UFO LED High-Bay Light replaces 1000-watt metal-halide lights while lasting 4 times longer. The powerful fixture emits 42,500 lumens of cool white light. Compared to traditional source technologies, our high bay led shop lights can save up to 80% of energy.
This amazing DLC & UL certified lamp features IP65 certified water-resistant and dustproof design. It’s commercial-grade, durable properties make it the toughest and most versatile light on the market. Never worry about this product being damaged from outdoor weather conditions!
The pure aluminum housing provides excellent thermal transfer, and the ultra-thin light-emitting surface provides a faster dissipation to extends component life and keep it from becoming damaged. Its operation temperature is -22 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
With a 0-180˚the rotatable mounting bracket, you could adjust lighting direction as you need and install the fixture onto the wall.
Our high bay lights connect the cable and built-in dimming cord. To connect dimming switch for adjusting the brightness. If you need a 0-10V DC dimming switch, you can purchase our dimming switch separately.
High-Grade Driver
This LED high bay light is built in SOSEN driver, not only allows you to plug at 100-277 votage, also provides a more stable current output for better LED Lights protection.
The effortless 3-minute installation process will save you the headaches and frustration that other light installations cause. This will save you time and energy to work on other projects! Adiding high bay ceiling lights can be used indoors or outdoors. Ideal for factories, warehouses, garages, and high bay needs like gym, shops, and shopping malls.
Adiding high bay lights are specially customized with US hooks for easy installation. You only need to rotate the hook to the lamp, then connect the hook to the hanger and tighten the screw. There is no need to purchase additional accessories to easily complete the installation of the fixture.
Adiding's high-bay lights provide you with a 6.5ft power cord. The power cord is also equipped with a standard 110V US plug. If your socket is a standard 110V socket, you can plug it indirectly; if your socket is not the standard 110V Plugin, please cut off the plug and use it for wiring.
The height determines the power of the lamps.The building area and illuminance requirements determine the number of lamps used. NOTED:The light effects may be affected by the real-time environment.
product data
250 watts
Luminous Flux
42500 lumens
Item Weight
9.94 pounds
Package Dimensions
12.2*12.2*6.9 inches
100-277 volts
Power Source
5000 Kelvin
Lens Material
Beam angle
Operating temperature
-22°F~122°F / -30℃~+50℃
60000 Hours
Warehouse , Supermarket logistics center , Stadium exhibition hall , garage
Where you can use LED high bay light black?

You will see an LED high bay light black in facilities that have high ceilings and that can be more than twenty feet. Commonly this type of LED high bay light black is seen in warehouses, airplane hangars, gymnasiums, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants.

Good quality of LED high bay light has reflectors and optics so that they can provide a more uniform light beam over a large area. Due to these reflectors and optics, the lights can eliminate shadows and dark areas.

You will generally get 150watt high bay light, 200-watt high bay lights, and LED high bay light 100w. The 150watt high bay light is used in playgrounds and stadiums. You will see that the 200-watt high bay lights are used in warehouses and garages. And you can use the LED high bay light 100W in the 10’-14’ ceiling buildings.

The LED lights also help increase the productivity of workers as they can see fine details and color contrasts better. The chances of causing mishaps, which generally take place in case of poor lighting, can be reduced.

The demand for LED high bay light black is increasing rapidly because of its low maintenance cost. Its durability and longevity is also another major factor for its increasing demand in the market.

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