LED High Bay Lights (7)


Led High Bay Light | Round High Bay Fixture

By replacing metal halide (mh) high bays with these round led high bays, more efficient lighting is provided for warehouses, stadiums, industrial areas, and other similar locations. 

Its powder-coated die-cast aluminum housing features an all-weather led cooling heat sink and tempered glass lenses. The ufo led lamp has a hook for hanging installation, and it can also be surface-mounted through an adjustable u-shaped bracket.
It is equipped with a constant current driver and operates on 100-277 vac. 
Supplied with safety cable for wiring. Pairing these fixtures with motion sensors ensures that the lights are turned on only when needed, further reducing energy costs. 
In addition, dlc and dlc premium-certified luminaires may be eligible for local or state rebates.

Why Should You Upgrade To Led High Bay Lights

The LED high bay lights are one of the most reliable and energy-efficient upgrades you can make for commercial buildings. 

Because LED diodes do not emit intense heat and noise, they can produce long-lasting and efficient lights.high-bay LED lights are unidirectional, its light points to where it is most needed, No waste of energy.

The LED drive is placed away from the outside of the fuselage, so it keeps cooling, further extending the working life of the LED overhead. 

Compared to traditional led lights, each unit is lightweight, so your installation is much simpler.

How To Choose Led High Bay Lights

You can choose one according to the installation height of the high bay light. 

Different installation heights correspond to different wattages, 10-15 feet-this height is suitable for 100 watt (10,000 to 15,000 lumens), 15-20 feet-this height is suitable for 150 Watts or 200 Watts (19,000 to 26,000 lumens).

In addition, you can choose black or white according to the place you use to match the overall style of the place.

Find out what your luminaire can withstand by checking the degree of ingress protect (IP) and safety. wet rated fixtures can be used in humid locations, while wet luminaires can be in direct contact with water. 

LED lights with IP-65 , which means these lights prevent dust from entering and spraying water.

We offer a variety of high-bay LED lights to meet different application and lumen output levels. 

The UFO high bay fixture is ideal for illuminating the underside of the site and adds a mesh aesthetic to the ceiling through its rounded shape.

No sure how many fixtures or how many lumens of LED round high bay is right for your warehouse?

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