RADAR Series (2)


Adiding Radar series UFO led high bay light can not only sense the dynamic state of the human body, but also sense the static state of the human body, make up for the defect that the sensor can only detect the dynamic state of the human body, and accurately sense the existence of the human body. The high bay light has an induction radar, small size, low power consumption, and a safety helmet that can penetrate the plastic shell, making it beautiful and elegant. During work, the human body can be detected, effectively solving problems such as insensitivity, inaccuracy, and misjudgment of human sensors in the current work scene. It's the best led shop lights for high ceilings.

Key Parameters:

Power (Watts): The power of high bay lights indicates their energy consumption. Modern LED high bay lights are generally more energy-efficient compared to traditional high-intensity discharge (HID) lights while providing the same or higher brightness. Adiding ufo motion sensor high bay lights available in 150W, 200W options.

Brightness (Lumens): The brightness of the led shop lights is one of their most significant parameters. It is usually measured in lumens (lm), and higher brightness indicates stronger illumination. In industrial and business environments, high brightness is often required to ensure workers can clearly see their work areas. The performance of Adiding UFO high bay light is constantly upgrading, from the original 130lm/w to the current 150lm/w and 170lm/w.

Illuminance (Lux): Illuminance refers to the amount of light flux received per unit area, typically expressed in lux (lx). In industrial and business settings, the appropriate level of illuminance should be chosen based on the characteristics of the workspace to ensure work safety and efficiency. We can assist electricians and DIY enthusiasts in finding the perfect lighting solutions. Simply share with us the dimensions of your space, including length, width, and height, as well as your illumination requirements, and we'll gladly offer you a cost-free lighting layout service.

Color Temperature (Kelvin): Color temperature denotes the color of the light produced by the lamp and is usually measured in Kelvin (K). Lower Kelvin values result in warm or yellowish light, while higher Kelvin values produce cool or bluish-white light. Adiding ufo high bay light supplies 5000K daylight with no glare. This round high bay led light is often preferred for environments where precise color rendering and high visibility are essential, as it appears more natural and similar to daylight.

Color Rendering Index (CRI): CRI is an index that measures how accurately a light source renders the colors of objects. In some industrial applications, accurate color identification is crucial, making high CRI high bay lights more desirable. Especially adiding high cri ceiling light.

Key Functions:

Waterproof and Dustproof: Industrial environments often feature harsh weather conditions and dusty atmospheres, so high bay lights must have waterproof and dustproof capabilities to ensure stable operation and reduce maintenance costs.

Dimming and Energy-Saving Features: led warehouse lighting fixtures offer dimming and energy-saving functions, allowing brightness to be adjusted as needed to reduce energy costs.

High Temperature Resistance: The pure aluminum housing provides excellent thermal transfer, and the ultra-thin light-emitting surface provides a faster dissipation to extends component life and keep it from becoming damaged.

Long lifespan and Low Maintenance: UFO commercial high bay lighting often have a long lifespan and require minimal maintenance, reducing the frequency and cost of light fixture replacements.

Adidng 150 watt 200 watt ufo high bay led lights come with motion sensor and remote control. The sensor detection distance is around 38ft, when you walk into the area, the light will turn on; when you walk out of this area, the light will turn off after 5 seconds. The remote control can set the sensing distance, hold time, and stand-by period. 

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