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LED Stadium Lights

LED Stadium Lights-The perfect and efficient lighting solution for any sports application. The high-quality light produced by LED sports lighting fixtures can provide better safety and better experience for fans. In addition, LED can save a lot of energy, longer life and other benefits.LED stadium lights replace 750W to 2000W metal halide. We have DLC-certified LED stadium lights! This makes them eligible for rebates through utility companies. In addition to illuminating outdoor sports fields, stadium lights have many applications.

What you need to know about led stadium lights

replace HID

Our Stadium Lights produce from 32,500 lumens to 65,000 lumens.Replace 750-watt HID and 2000-watt HID,  A combination of high lumens - high power LEDs and optics can brighten any sports field with energy saving LED.

We can produce a free photometric evaluation of your outdoor space to show you how well our LED Sports Lights work. It will show you what model is appropriate and what optic provides the best results for you outdoor space.

Luminous efficiency (lumens per watt)

Luminous efficiency is the main indicator of LED bulb performance. Its calculation method is the lumens produced by one watt of electricity. Luminous efficiency measures how much visible light a bulb produces. It is usually measured in lumens.

We offer LED stadium lights with excellent lumens levels. This will save you more money than earlier LED stadium lights.

Beam Angle

The beam angle usually determines the distribution of light. If the beam angle is wide and the light uniformity is very high, the brightness on the ground will be very low. However, if the beam angle is narrow, the light uniformity is low. Despite the bright light, there are still many black spots on the ground.

We offer stadium lights with a 30-degree beam angle. Adjustable angles and unique single module designs help focus light onto the stadium.

Heat Dissipation

The radiator prevents the stadium lights from being damaged by overheating. A good cooling system should provide adequate air circulation. There should be space between each row of LED chips. The structure should be hollow to reduce air resistance. This helps transfer heat from the lamp to the surrounding area. Our stadium lights use a unique single heat sink design and good aluminum heat sinks to better absorb the heat generated by the light source and make the LED's service life longer.


The color rendering index shows how well colors are seen under a certain light source. It defines how a bulb makes an object appear to human eyes. The higher the color rendering index, the better a bulb’s color rendering ability.

When it comes to sports lighting, the color rendering index needs to be 70 and above. We can offer 70 and 80 CRI sport lighting solutions.

Glare Rating

The glare rating for all light fixtures used in top level competitions must be 50. Fixtures used in intermediate level competitions must also have a glare rating of 50, except those used in athletics which should have a rating of 55. For lower level competitions, the lights must have a glare rating of 55, except those used in bowls (lawn bowls) which should have a glare rating of 50.Our led lights have advanced lenses that focus the light beam and decrease light leakage by 50%.

Color Temperature

Organizations specify the minimum allowable color temperature (correlated color temperature) for sports fields. For instance, FIFA and FIH require their lights to have a CCT of 4000K and above. The NCAA needs lights with a CCT of 3600K and above. While the NFL uses lights with a color temperature of 5600K and above.

We offer 5000K LED Sport Lighting solutions.


The longevity and efficiency of light fixtures depends on where you install them. Stadium lights are outdoors and affected by conditions such as water and humidity. This is why they must be designed for wet locations.
Wet locations where water can flow, drip, or splash on the fixtures can affect the components. The light fixtures must be UL Listed for wet locations. They should have an IP rating of 66. IP66 rated lights work well in all weather conditions for stadiums and sports fields.

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