Elevate Your Space with Adiding High Bay LED Lighting Solutions

When it comes to industrial and commercial applications, the right lighting is crucial. Adiding high bay LED lighting solutions are designed to hang tough in the most demanding conditions where durability, efficiency, and optimal visibility are essential for effective operations. Here's why our high bay lights are the perfect choice for your space.

Premium Compact Design

Our high bay LED lights boast a 100% aluminum design, making them the most cost-effective option on the market. Constructed with a weatherproof aluminum alloy housing and an integral LED-cooling heat sink, these lights are built to last. The constant-current driver ensures stable performance, and they operate on 100-277 VAC. Each light includes a safety cable for secure wiring. With minimal power consumption, these lights emit a wide beam of bright, glare-free illumination through a shatterproof glass lens, all crafted with the best materials and craftsmanship.

Superb Lighting

Our 150-watt UFO LED High-Bay Light is a powerhouse, replacing 600-watt metal-halide lights while lasting four times longer. This fixture emits 25,500 lumens of cool white light, significantly reducing energy costs. Compared to traditional lighting technologies, Adiding high bay LED shop lights can save up to 80% on energy.

Unbeatable Warranty

Adiding stands by its products with an incredible 5-year warranty. We guarantee that you will love this light and it will function 100% effectively. If for any reason it doesn't, let us know, and we will replace it within 30 days. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Strong and Durable

Adiding high bay lights are built to endure. With DLC & UL certifications and an IP65 rating for water resistance and dustproof design, these lights are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are commercial-grade and built to withstand even the harshest conditions, so you never have to worry about weather damage.

Superior Light Decay Management

The pure aluminum housing provides excellent thermal transfer, and the ultra-thin light-emitting surface ensures faster heat dissipation. This extends the component life and prevents damage. Our lights operate efficiently in temperatures ranging from -104 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Adjustable Bracket and Convenient US Hook Installation

Adiding high bay lights come with specially customized US hooks for easy installation. Simply rotate the hook into the fixture, connect the hook to the hanger, and tighten the screw. No additional accessories are needed to complete the installation. Additionally, the lights feature a 0-180˚ rotatable mounting bracket, allowing you to adjust the lighting direction as needed and easily install the fixture onto a wall. Say goodbye to the headaches and frustration of complex installations. Our high bay lights offer a quick 3-minute installation process, saving you time and effort. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, these lights are perfect for factories, warehouses, garages, gyms, shops, and shopping malls.

Dimmable Function

Our high bay lights come with a dimmable function and an internal dimming cord. You can adjust the brightness using a 1-10V DC dimming switch (sold separately).

6.5' Cable with US 110V Plug

Each high bay light includes a 6.5ft power cord and a 110V standard American plug for easy and direct power sourcing. If your socket isn't the standard 110V, you can simply cut off the plug for direct wiring.

Ideal Installation Height

The height of your space determines the power of the lamps needed. The building area and illuminance requirements will help you decide the number of lamps to use. Please note that light effects may be affected by the real-time environment.


Adiding high bay LED lighting solutions are the ultimate choice for anyone seeking durable, efficient, and easy-to-install lighting for industrial and commercial applications. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust that Adiding lights will meet all your needs. Upgrade your space today and experience the difference with Adiding high bay LED lights.

Ready to transform your space with superior lighting? Visit our website to learn more and make a purchase. Don't miss out on the best lighting solution on the market!

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