How to choose the right LED High bay lamp for you

LED High bay lamp are used in workshops. Traditional metal-halide lights have high power, high power consumption, high heat generation and high safety hazards. The safety hazard of high bay lamps using LED light sources is relatively small. Environmental protection, energy saving, and power saving are major advantages of LED light sources, which bring more convenience to people's lives.

So what do we need to consider when buying LED High bay lamp:

1. The first is the energy saving of LED High bay lamp. This mainly depends on the type or light efficiency of the light source used in the high bay light; the efficiency of our high bay light can reach 150LM/W, which is brighter than most of the High bay lamp on the market.

2. The second is the life of the high bay light, which is related to the light decay speed of the light source used in the high bay light and the life span of the electronic components used in the high bay light; our high bay light lifespan is 60000 Hours, ADIDING offers it's customers an unbelievable 5 year warranty! We guarantee that you will love this light and it will function 100% effectively, but if for some reason it doesn't, let us at Adiding know and we will replace it within 30 days!

3. Then there is the protection level of the high bay light. The working environment of the high bay light is generally harsh. Therefore, the high bay light must have good waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion properties. The general protection level of the IP65 high bay light is more reliable; This amazing DLC & UL certified lamp features IP65 certified water-resistant and dustproof design. It's commercial-grade, durable properties make it the toughest and most versatile light on the market. Never worry about this product being damaged from outdoor weather conditions!

4. Finally, the heat dissipation performance of the high bay lamp. The heat dissipation performance of the high bay light directly affects the service life of the LED high bay light. The better the heat dissipation performance of the mining lamp, the longer the life of the mining lamp. Our pure aluminum housing provides excellent thermal transfer, and the ultra-thin light-emitting surface provides a faster dissipation to extend component life and keep it from becoming damaged. Its operation temperature is -104 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

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