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LED Flood Light (2)

Super Bright of LED Lighting for Any Outdoor Space

Adiding LED floodlights provide you with a wealth of output light for use as a safety or landscape/architectural lighting. You can choose from 35,000 lumens and 65,000 lumens depending on your individual needs. All floodlights are IP66 rated to withstand the toughest weather conditions and last for 50,000 hours. They also feature 5000K white illumination to give you accurate color rendering.

How to Use LED Flood Lights

The easiest way to apply our LED floodlights is to mount them on top of a building for safe lighting. Illuminate powerful LED lights in a wide space for maximum visibility and safety. However, you can use other creative methods to take advantage of our floodlights:

  • Wall washing – also known as façade lighting, spreading a uniform LED light across a structure for accenting
  • Shadowing – positioning an LED light to cast a shadow of an object onto a wall
  • Wall grazing – highlighting patterns of complex textures like stone walls, tree bark, and vines
  • Up-lighting – emboldening buildings by directing light upwards