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LED High Bay Light (16)

Why should you upgrade to UFO LED high bay lights

UFO-style LED lights are one of the most reliable and energy-efficient upgrades you can make for commercial buildings. Because LED diodes do not emit intense heat and noise, they can produce long-lasting and efficient glare. UFO high-bay LED lights are unidirectional, so its light points to where it is most needed. No waste of energy! The brand drive is placed away from the outside of the fuselage, so it keeps cooling, further extending the working life of the UFO LED overhead. Compared to traditional UFO overheads, each unit is lightweight, so your installation is much simpler.

How to Use UFO High Bay Lights

UFO high bay LED lights are suitable for large open spaces such as warehouses, gyms, shops and other high ceiling commercial areas. They are IP65 rated for high humidity spaces.
We offer a variety of high-bay LED lights to meet different application and output levels for your specific application. The UFO high compartment is ideal for illuminating the underside of the site and adds a mesh aesthetic to the ceiling through its rounded shape.