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What Is Led Handheld Work Light?

Led handheld work lights are portable lighting devices typically used to provide light sources to assist in various tasks. They are usually powered by rechargeable batteries and have handles or grips for easy carrying and operation. Handheld work lights can provide bright light in dark or low brightness environments, allowing you to see details more clearly and freely adjust angles and directions when needed.

This work light has different characteristics, such as180° adjustable light head, 360° bendable flexible hose, adjustable light modes, non slip grip, rechargeable, magnet,  hook, adapt to different usage scenarios and needs.


Premium Innovative Design

The work lights have an innovative design and are made of durable materials, anti-slip and wear-resistant. The ergonomically designed handle has a very good grip feeling. 180 degree rotating light head, easy to adjust the direction of lighting. The goose neck flexible hose can be bent at will with better angle adjust ability than any other product. This design also facilitates the work light to easily enter narrow places to illuminate.


High Brightness and Rechargeable

The adiding led work light adopts the high luminous efficiency of COB technology, up to 1000 lm when using high lighting mode. It is equipped with adjustable brightness and lighting mode functions to meet different work needs.

The battery life of the work light depends on multiple factors, including battery capacity, lighting mode, usage frequency, and light source brightness. Different types of lamps may use different types of batteries, such as Alkaline battery, lithium-ion batteries or rechargeable batteries. Generally speaking, higher capacity batteries can provide longer usage time. However, if you choose a higher brightness or continuously emitting strong light mode, it may consume more energy and result in shorter usage time. In addition, the frequency of use can also affect the battery life of the work light.

Adiding handheld work lights are equipped with rechargeable batteries, built-in 2600mAh large-capacity battery, providing sufficient power for long time lighting. Please note that the battery of this rechargeable work light is not replaceable.


Where You Can Use the Led Handheld Work Light?

Handheld work lights are suitable for various outdoor and indoor work occasions, such as repair, maintenance, workbench, outdoor activities, camping, fishing, etc. Whether for home use or professional occasions, handheld work lights can provide the bright lighting you need and help you complete various tasks.


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