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Adiding LED Work Light with Sensor, Rechargeable, Portable, Magnetic Underhood Work Lights

Adiding LED Work Light with Sensor, Rechargeable, Portable, Magnetic Underhood Work Lights Item NO.: ‎ZZ-701A-O

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Adiding LED Work Light with Sensor, Rechargeable, Portable, Magnetic Underhood Work Lights Adiding LED Work Light with Sensor, Rechargeable, Portable, Magnetic Underhood Work Lights

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Adiding LED Work Light with Sensor, Rechargeable, Portable, Magnetic Underhood Work Lights
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Product Name Adiding LED Work Light with Sensor, Rechargeable, Portable, Magnetic Underhood Work Lights
Item NO. ‎ZZ-701A-O
Weight 0.48 kg = 1.0582 lb = 16.9315 oz
Category Indoor Lighting > LED Sensor Work Lights
Brand adiding
Creation Time 2023-11-29

Adiding LED work light with sensor, new inspired design, gives you more convenience at work or other activities.
Our work light with sensitive sensor. The best sensing distance is 10 cm/0.33 ft. If you get your hands dirty and don't want to touch the light body, need to leave halfway to do something else or you may feel that press the button many times to turn off the light is a inconvenient thing. Just wave your hand to turn off and on the light.
Automotive work light with high quality LED light beads + COB process, Higher Brightness, Excellent Heat Dissipation, No Light Attenuation and Longer Service Life. The underhood work light with 3 brightness levels: Low - Medium - High to meet your lighting needs in different scenes.
The rechargeable work light with 4400 mAh large capacity battery which makes the work light last longer. Up to: Low-10 hours, Mid-7 hours, High-4 hours. Charge the work light via the USB-C port (Charging Cable Included) and it will be fully charged in 2.5-3 hours. Our work light can used as a power bank, you can charge your cell phone through the USB-A port of the work light.
This portable flood light with 120° lighting angle, and it can be rotated 360° and tilted 120° front to back to adjust the angle. That means you will get a greater range of lighting in limited use environments. The battery work light has 2 strong magnets on the bottom, which can be stably attached to the iron surface to illuminate for you (Please adsorb on the surface with high iron content to hold the work light.). A flexibly adjustable utility work light.
The portable flood light with 120° lighting Angel, 80 color rendering index and 6000-7000K daylight white. It means that our work lights provide you with sufficient lighting range, super bright light and make the things be more clearer. Working for a long time or doing other activities in the light provided by the work bench light, the things will go smoothly.
This work light comes equipped with a battery level indicator, which is incredibly useful. It lets you know how much power is left, ensuring you won't get stuck in the dark.
Angle adjustable magnetic work light
There are 2 powerful magnets on the bottom of this work light, the suction is strong enough to easily absorb on the iron surfaces and remain stable. Adjustable in all directions, the magnetic base of portable led light can be rotated 360° and the light body can be tilted 120° front to back. Meet your lighting needs at various angles.This is a very practical and handy work light.
Suitable for Different Scenarios
This is a handy and durable tool light that ideal for a variety of working scenes, daily use or outdoor activities, such as home lighting, reading, car repairing, inspection, camping, hiking, fishing, exploration, emergency and so on. Keep a portable light in your home, basement, job site, workbench, workshop, warehouse, garage or car trunk in case of need. Adiding portable work light is your most convenient lighting assistant.
Multi Functional and Portable
This work light has functions such as lighting, sensor, magnetic attraction, adjusting angle and brightness, charging, etc. It has a high cost performance ratio, is very practical and convenient.
Sensor Work Light
Battery: 4400 mAh
Angle Adjustable:
360° Rotation & 120° Front to Back
Dual Magnets on Bottom & Support for Hanging
USB-C Fast Charging & USB-A Output
Lighting Modes: LOW-MID-HIGH
Gooseneck Work Light
Battery: 2600 mAh
Angle Adjustable:
360° Bendable & Light Head 180° Rotation
Strong Magnet on Bottom & Hidden Hook
Rechargeable: USB-C Fast Charging
Lighting Modes: LOW-HIGH-TORCH
product data
Power Source
Battery Powered
Light Source Type
Battery Cell Type
‎Lithium Ion
Item Weight
Product Dimensions
5.31 x 2.17 x 6.89 inches
Color Temperature
6000-7000 Kelvin
Included Components
USB-C Charging Cable, Rechargeable Work Light
Batteries Included?
Batteries Required?
home lighting, car repairing, inspection, camping, hiking, fishing, exploration, emergency, basement, workbench, workshop, warehouse, garage
Warm tips

1. The optimal sensing distance is 10 cm/0.33 ft. The 2 sensor probes of the portable work light are positioned at the optimal sensing range, when you wave your hand to control the light ON and OFF, your hand needs to pass over the sensor probes so that the magnetic work light can react faster.

2. Waving hand can only control the light on and off, cannot toggle the brightness. When you wave off the light, it will automatically turn to the "OFF" state after 5 minutes.

3. The 2 sensing probes are designed to transmit and receive signals. When the sensing mode is on (light on), the work light faces the object, and approaching the object quickly will affect the reflection of the sensing signal, which will cause the work light to misjudge. Approaching slowly is fine.

4. This is a rechargeable work light with internal battery for storing power. Like most work lights, it can not lighting while charging. When using the USB-A port of the work lamp to charge your cell phone, the lighting cannot be turned on.

5. Please do not disassemble the portable work light.

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This is a really great worklight! It is lightweight, very durable, & has a long battery life. I like the motion sensor feature, though I don't use it often when I use the worklight, due to the fact that it makes it too easy to turn the light on & off when I am using this at work (which is usually inside a box truck, where people are moving past the backside of the light). I really like the fact that this has a magnetic bottom, & can be stuck quite securely on any metal surface (that is magnetic), or hung from the handle, or sat upright from the base, or hung from the hook.... Plus this can be adjusted so that the light can be used at multiple angles. The different brightness levels of the light is great, & it really lights up the area you are trying to illuminate, especially if it is an enclosed space.



Excellent light with a lot of great features. The light is adjustable in brightness. It has a sensor feature which makes it come on automatically with movement, which is great if your trying to do something and your hands are full. It has a very strong magnetic base and is adjustable to so many different angles. It is light weight and surprisingly compact. Has a convenient carry handle on the top and you can charge your devices with it as well. I got this for emergencies but lost it immediately to my husband who now uses it for work daily.



Being able to tilt, angle the light is great. It has two power magnets on the bottom. So you can attach it to anything metal. Right side up or upside down. Carry handle on top.
It's very easy to use. Two buttons, one for the power on and off and another button for the light brightness. Low, medium, and high. It's very bright for my applications.
The plastic is good quality and the bright color helps me locate it in a pinch.
It also has a USB out and type C for charging. It has a rubber cover to keep the moisture away.



I got this light to use for odd jobs around the house and it works great! I believe the main draw of this light is that it is magnetic, which is awesome. Then add in being able to rotate it 360 and bend back and forth, it makes this light very versatile. It charges via type-c and does have a type-a output for using as a power bank, which is a nice feature to have. There are 3 different brightness levels and a really cool feature I forgot about until I received it. It has a motion sensor to turn it off and on. The button on back (kind of looks like a wifi bar) next to the power button controls the motion sensor, so you will need to push that button to activate the sensor. You can't control the brightness via motion, but you can set the brightness using that button before starting to work on something. Then you can wave to turn the light on and off. Very nice portable light.



Great worklight, what I've always needed! This is the best work light I've ever owned, hands down! The light is super bright but adjustable between low/med/hi brightness, you can see how it looks on high in the pictures. The thing that makes this light great is the combination of good battery life, great brightness, and adjustable light can do everything!The light feels very solid, but lightweight and thin enough to be super portable. This would fit in most any tool bag/box and be ready anytime you need it. The base swivels to any angle you want, which is super useful because you can tilt the light at any angle you want, and it even has strong magnets in it so you can stick it to any magnetic surface also.If anything can be a good review it is that I like this light so much bought another one to give to my father as a birthday gift!

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