High Bay Warehouse

As I wrote yesterday, today I will briefly introduce you to highbay Warehouse.

highbay warehouse is defined as a building with a height of 12 meters, which is used to effectively store goods.highbay warehouse can be directly connected to the production site, and can also be used as a pure warehouse for commodities. Even if different branches store different goods, the goods stored in warehouse are almost the same.

The actual storage area requires the largest space in the elevated warehouse. Several parallel rack units provide thousands of storage locations. There is a free passage between the two shelf units that can be used to enter the storage position.

Today, logistics decisions are usually automatically planned by special logistics software, that is, which goods are stored in which location and in what order. The general principles of chaotic storage are usually supplemented by rules, for example, a product group can be provided even if a failure occurs.

In addition, the transportation of goods in corridors is usually automated. The storage and retrieval machine runs along special tracks on the shelves, and then puts the goods into the storage area like a forklift. Each aisle has an entrance and exit space, using conveyor belt technology to store the stored goods in it.

Conveyor technology connects the warehouse with the pre-zone. The goods there are shipped from outside and have been identified; registered, and then they wait for storage.

As you can see, highbay warehouse is a very effective storage method, especially for companies that do not have large properties. But it must also be said that their construction is very expensive.

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