Things to consider when upgrading your parking lighting

There are many reasons to upgrade LED lighting for your parking lot. Although the benefits and reasons have been mentioned in many blog posts, this article focuses on analyzing the things you need to keep in mind when buying LED lights.

Lumens of lamps are an important reference indicator of brightness

When we talk about the brightness of lamps, we are actually talking about the lumens of the lamps, not the watts. As far as LEDs are concerned, the light produced under the same power is 4 times that of traditional lamps. Therefore, the use of LED lighting fixtures is more energy-efficient.


Commercial led lights will be more expensive than traditional lamps, but over time, this fee will be the most cost-effective. Power saving, maintenance-free, long life, etc., are all concrete manifestations of the cost-effectiveness of LED lights.

Effectively control spill glare

When setting the parking lot lighting near the residential area, the control of glare is the primary consideration. Since traditional lamps do not consider the treatment of light pollution in the surrounding environment, the use of high-power lighting equipment will definitely cause interference to the environment of the residential area. LED parking lot lights mostly use advanced optical lenses, which can effectively control glare overflow. In addition, the luminous direction of the led lamp is directional, and the light completely covers the space you need to illuminate, while the traditional luminaire’s luminous direction is omnidirectional. Some of the light will be blocked by the lamp housing and cannot be used by you. This part of the light is unavailable.

Commercial parking lot lights accessories

Considering that most of the LED parking lot lights are used in shopping malls and various commercial parking lots. When you buy the lights, you must consider the installation location and whether the bracket accessories can be installed in the location you designed, so choose a variety of installation options of parking lot lights is very important.

Better CRI

Compared with traditional lighting fixtures, led lighting has better CRI, especially car dealers have higher CRI requirements, they need to show customers better-looking cars, imagine if customers see purple cars to black, this will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble. A car dealership with excellent lighting layout will turn into a huge car showroom at dusk. The bright lights will attract a large number of visitors, thereby increasing the dealership’s business volume.


When you need to buy commercial parking lot lights, please keep in mind whether the lumen generated meets your lighting needs, whether it is cost-effective, and whether there are multiple installation options to meet your multiple applications. Choosing the right commercial parking lot lights can bring additional gains to your business.

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