How to reduce the burden on car dealers while cutting energy costs by 50%.

Cost-effective LED parking lot lights combined with advanced lighting control systems can effectively help car dealers effectively control energy consumption and can illuminate any of their cars.


Located at 1325 Vultee Blvd, Nashville, TN 37217, the car dealership is the largest car dealership in the area. It has an area of 11 acres. A large number of luxury brand cars attract the attention of many customers, but few people know that the entire venue is In the evening, it was transformed into an open-air auto show, and the advanced outdoor LED lighting and control system increased the business volume of the auto dealer by 200%.



Effectively control spill glare

When choosing area lighting in residential areas and areas subject tonight sky control, preventing spills glare is the primary consideration. Because parking lot floodlights produce too much glare, they will not only affect the surrounding environment and residents but may even violate local laws and cause unnecessary losses.

Adiding LED parking lot lights use advanced optics to meet all requirements of spill glare and avoid unnecessary expenses for you.


Advanced lighting control system effectively controls energy consumption

Through advanced lighting systems and energy-saving LED bulbs, it can illuminate any car, and can greatly reduce the energy consumption cost of car dealers. Every parking lot floodlight is equipped with photoelectric sensors and human body sensing devices. It is internally connected to the dimming control of the lamp to realize the function of automatic dimming and synchronization with the security camera.


We can make your lighting project simple

At Adiding, we know the importance of lighting plans. Our engineers can provide free lighting plans to show the lighting effects under floodlights in parking lots to avoid buying risks. If you don’t know how many lumens your project needs, please contact us.

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